Blossom Kollektiv is back with a new artistic vision to take us directly into the future. Always keeping a forward-thinking attitude, we’ve rebranded ourselves to take us to the next wave as an imprint through exploring different sonic soundscapes, from electronica to techno and everything in between. Continuing to hold ourselves to the highest standard possible, we will passionately curate the same high quality that we are known for but with a current focus on modern and captivating releases.

Focusing on showcasing the next generation of talent, we strive to not only share their music with the world but to develop their identity as an artist. One certain thing is the sense of extended family that will carry through release after release, as we help to path the way for their careers but also to give them a medium where they can feel free to experiment and stay true to themselves. This new eclectic output will relieve the pressures of many purist ideas of the past and give the room to focus on what is the most important to make great music that electronic music lovers can listen to or dance to.

Kicking things off into high gear in the New Year, the label will present a full-length album from Pixel82 called ‘Infinity’ that will be released as several singles until the digital launch and the vinyl version coming shortly after. Following the vinyl release a stellar remix collection will be released to wrap things up and commence the next wave for the Blossom Kollektiv while propelling them into the future.

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