Mont Blossom Music Group

Launching in the summer of 2022, the Mont Blossom Music Group begins a new assemblage of collectives to create one solid creative brand. Together they form a tightly woven trinity of high-quality auditory and community-driven experiences.

In the process of merging, Mont Blossom Music Group became the head of Blossom Kollektiv, Mont Lake Records, and Mont Blossom Audio. To not only solidify each brand individually but to bring a new elevated concept into the world of electronic music release production and events. Together the group aims to stand for the organization, development, and implementation of first-class event concepts, cultural events, rentals with support from high-end professional sound systems by Lambda Labs, acoustic solutions on the whole closely together cooperation with Wolfgang Sauter's Pro Performance in vienna and the owning and operating of the record labels: Blossom Kollektiv & Mont Lake Records.

Focusing on the same prime quality in each of the individual concepts, they aim to create stellar brand growth while exuding a high level of professionalism and skill within each aspect of the collective. Carefully curating events and a steady output of releases on each of the labels they will continue with an elevated approach that will take these brands directly into the future, but now adding an extra layer of support and expansion.

always about music, visit us on bandcamp:


Mobile: +43 660 8427487


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